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ICC Survey

The Adult ICC Secretary is conducting a survey about the location of the Finals.

There is a Survey Form if you wish fill it out for the options.

The options are:

MFA Nottingham ~ cost £145.00 per Team.

Superbowl. Mansfield ~ cost £300.00 per Team, earlier starting time on Saturday.

Please complete the form by Monday 28th January, for the Seniors it is the Friday 25th January

Survey Form

League News
The winners of the 2018 season of the Eclipse League at Hollywood Bowl, Bracknell, are The Inbowl Tweeners, the league seasom starts again in January.
The Winners of Season 2 of the Jubilee League also at Bracknell are The Game Of Throws who have now won the league for the last three seasons, feel like stopping them, the league season starts again January.

300 Game
In the Wednesday Doubles League at Spectrum Bowl, Guildford, on the 12th December Iain Rollings bowled his first 300 game playing for the Hit the Fan team, he finished with a 721 series 300-225-196.

Area AGM
No new Officers were elected at the 2019 Berkshire Area AGM on the 6th December and no Area Secretary, so all present Officers will remain until there is another Area AGM.

Senior Age Bonus
Following the recent Inter Counties Think Tank, it was proposed by the meeting attendees that the Senior Age Bonus should be discontinued for 2019. This was also raised at previous think tanks in 2013 and 2015. This rule change was voted on by delegates present at the Think Tank, with ten in favour and two against. This decision was ratified by the National Council and will come into effect in 2019.

Martin Webster
BTBA Chairman

NAYBC Youth Tours Manager
Stephen Toop, the former Secretary of Newbury YBC has been appointed to the NAYBC Committee as the Youth Tours Manager.

58th BTBA National Championships
The 2019 BTBA Nationals will be held at Stroud Bowl, Stroud, over the weekends 9th/10th to 30th/31st March

Entry Form

Junior Inter Counties
These are the changes to the Junior Inter County Championships for 2019.

County Think Tank
The BTBA held a County Think Tank on the 10th November, this was open for all Counties paticpating in the Inter County Championships.

These are the minutes from the discussions and attached are the decisssions ratified by the BTBA National Council, please read them so that you are aware of the changes for 2019 Inter Counties.
Minutes and Decissions

BTBA Tour 4's
The first of the BTBA Tour 2019 events will the 4's Tournamnet at MFA, Nottingham, on the 12th/13th January

Entry Form

Adult Inter County Championships 2018 ~ Final
MFA Bowl ~ Nottingham
3rd/4th November

Dorset Men are the new 2018 County Champions after finishing in second place in 2017, in second place was Yorkshire and Surrey made third place.

The Ladies Champions are Surrey who retained their crown for the second year running with some very strong bowling, Warwickshire made second and Northamptonshire finished in third place.

The Berkshire Ladies qualified for the Final and they finished in ninth place.

Results and Scores

Southern Regional Officer
Vicki Harman has replaced Will Line as the BTBA Southern Regional Officer as from the 6th November.

Area Secretary
Berkshire Area BTBA Secretary Sarah Hood as resigned her position as of 5th November, there will be a Berkshire AGM to elect a new Area Secratary, date to advised.

Superbowl UK are to open a new 14 lane bowling centre in The Kennet Centre, Newbury, in the New Year.

Senior Inter County Championships 2018 ~ Final MFA Bowl ~ Nottingham
13th/14th October

Yorkshire are the 2018 Men's Champions for the seventh time, Kent finished in second place with Lincolnshire and Warwickshire tying for third place.

Kent Women took the title with Dorset in second and Staffordshire third.

Berkshire Men qualified for the Final and finished in twelfth place, Alan Keddie was the top average for the final with a total of 2308 and a 209.8 average

Results and Scores
Full Results

Adult Inter County South Group Qualifier 2018 Spectrum Bowl ~ Guildford
2nd September

Berkshire Men and Ladies teams bowled in the qualifier for a place in the Final in November.

The Men finished in seventh place with Jason Agate rolling a six game total of 1392 giving him a 232.0 average for the day.

The Ladies made the Final by finishing in fourth place, setting the pace was Alison Taylor who had a six game total of 1249 and a 208.1 average.

Results and Scores
Full Results

BTBA Adult Tour 6 Go Bowling ~ Shipley
7th/8th July

Pete Agate teamed up with Matty Clayton for Pin Heads 1 in the Shipley Handicap Doubles, the six-game qualifier saw PH1 in sixth place with a handicap total of 2735, the top twelve teams made the Semi Final and three more games, PH! Rolled 440+421+340 for a 1181 plus their handicap they had a total of 1385 and moved up to third place, the Final was a 5 game Round Robin and Pin Heads 1 won 4 of their games and with Handicap and Bonus they had a grand total of 2583 and this put them in first place.

Also, Sarah Hood had the High Game Scratch Female and Danny Lalley the High Handicap Game Male.

U18 Inter County Championship 2018 Airport Bowl ~ Harlington
30th June/1st July

The new Boys U18 Inter County Champions are Warwickshire who defeated Kent in the Final by one pin, who made that mark or missed a spare, Yorkshire made third place over Essex.

The Girls Champions are Hampshire who were runners up last year with their win over Norfolk, third place was Sussex who defeated Lancashire

Full Results

ESBC 2018 Plus Bowling Center ~ Viena
23rd/30th June

European Senior Bowling Championships 2018, Alan Keddie had a great start to this tournament by finishing in second place in the Men A Singles, Alan began with 288 game and after the six games he had total of 1426 [237.6 average] just nine pins of the top spot. in the Doubles Event Alan had a six game total of 1286, to make the Master Alan needed a good set in the Trios Event and he rolled a 1354 to end up with a grand total of 4066 [225.8 Averae] and he made second place.

The Men A Masters was low game out for the top six All Events bowlers, Alan rolled a 212 and 214 but in game thre he went down to 182 and dropped out, Tore Torgersen had 300 game in that game and went on the take the title with a 1315 over the five games giving him a 263.0 average

A release from the USBC regarding questions on the new bowling ball specifications.


Team England Youth Triple Crown Trials Spectrum Bowl ~ Guildford
23rd/24th June

Four Newbury YBC bowlers took part in the Triple Crown Trials.

Robbie Bowden bowled in the U18 Boys and after the sixteen games he made fourth place and qualified for the Team ,
Total Pinfall 3106 ~ Points 215 ~ Average 194.12

Nicole Ediker bowled in the U16 Girls and finished in sixth place after sixteen games,
Total Pinfall 2708 ~ Points 213 ~ Average 169.25

Matthew Streak and Joshua Streak bowled sixteen games in the U16 Boys.
Matthew made sixth place,
Total Pinfall 2844 ~ Points - 196 ~ Average - 177.75

Joshua made eleventh place,
Total Pinfall 2774 ~ Points 172 ~ Average 173.37

U15 Inter County Championships 2018 Airport Bowl ~ Harlington
June 16th/17th

Sussex Boys are the new champions by defeating Yorkshire and Surrey came third, Berkshire entered a Boys team and they finished up in ninth place, nine pins off the last qualifying place.

Essex took the Girls title with a win over Lincolnshire, there was no Berkshire Girls team.

Berkshire Scores and Results
Full Results

The USBC have adjusted the new bowling ball specifications.

Adjusted ball specifications

40th NAYBC Classic Singles Hollywood Bowl ~ Tolworth
3rd/9th/10th June

Newbury YBC bowler Olivia Streak bowling in Division 6 qualified in first place with total of 1181 for the six games, also from Newbury Nicole Ediker qualified in fourth place with a 1301 series in Division 4.

Nicole did not bowl in the Final.

Olivia won two of her three games in the Final and finished in second place.

Senior Inter-Counties 2018 Southern Qualifying Group
Airport Bowl ~ Harlington
3rd June

Kent Men and Ladies teams both qualified in first place, the Berkshire Men qualified in fifth place with good bowling by Alan Keddie and Gerry Olver, the Berkshire Ladies finished in eighth place, the Final will be held on 13th/14th October at MFA Bowl, Nottingham.

Berkshire Scores and Results
Full Results

NAYBC Junior Nationals 2018 Go Bowling ~ Dunstable
12th/13th - 19th/20th -26th/27th May

Newbury YBC made the following top ten places.







Robbie Bowden


Graduate Male

207 - 209 - 210 = 626


Olivia Streak


Junior Female

125 - 146 - 182 = 453


Cory Faulkner

Matthew Streak


Inter Regular

282 - 246 - 360 = 888


Ben Newman

Joshua Streak


Senior Regular

341 - 332 - 352= 1025


Olivia Streak

Nicole Ediker


Senior Female

260 - 329 - 333 = 922


Olivia Streak

Ben Newman

Nicole Ediker

Joshua Streak



678 - 691 - 580 = 1949


Olivia Streak

All Events


453 - 399 - 438 = 1290


Nicole Ediker

All Events

Senior Female

433 - 523 - 563 = 1519

The BTBA Membership fees for 2018/2019 will be as follows:-

Junior (under 22)




International Gold Card



Fees are paid to the relevant body affiliated to the BTBA

Individual Affiliate

Free (YBC Officals will need to purchase insurance at 12.50)

BTBA 2018 Senior National Championships Airport Bowl ~ Harlington
12th/13th May

For the Berkshire bowlers that entered the Championships,
Carol Brock 539 had a 3rd place finish in the Division B Female Singles
Carol Brock 524 and Steve Norris 608 finished in eight place in Open Division B Doubles
Dave Eyre 563, Val Hopcraft 588, Carol Brock 541, Steve Noriss 541, team Fubar, finished in 4th Place in the Open Division B Team.
Alan Keddie 630, bowling for the RBS Proshop team who made 2nd place in the Open Division A Team.
In the Division B All Events Carol Brock was in third place with a total of 1604 [541-524-539]

Welsh Open 2018 Stroud Bowl
4th - 7th May

Jason Agate finished in second place after Round 1 with a six game total of 1490, a 248.3 average, in the Final Step 2 for the top sixteen places Jason rolled a 4 game total of 977 for 5th place and in the Final Step 3 he added a 948 making a grand total of 1925 and moved up to fourth place for the top eight final.

In the Round Robin Final Jason won four of his games. lost one to Laura Marcham, after the seven games Jason finshed in second place by two points with a total of 3599.

U25 Inter County Championships 2018 Airport Bowl ~ Harlington
28th/29th April

The 2018 U25 Inter County Men's Champions are Surrey who defeated Lincolnshire in the Final, the Ladies Champions are also Surrey winning the Final match against Warwickshire.

Berkshire Men finished in fourteenth place, there was no Ladies team.

Berkshire Scores and Results
Full Results

New USBC bowling ball specifications.

USBC Ball Specifications

It is great sadness that we wish to inform you that Alan Beales passed away on Friday 16th February, known as Big Al he was the long standing secretary of the Acorn League at Wokingham Superbowl and also bowled for Berkshire County, he will be missed by many bowlers and friends.

Results of the 2018 Bershire County Trials held at Farnborough Bowl on Saturday 27th January and Sunday 4th February.

Jason Agate added another 300 game to his total when rolled another one in the third game of his set.

The Trials were a combined trials for all Berskshire County Teams.

Results and Scores

A good set from Alan Keddie to take first place in the Scottish National Doubles, Bowlplex, Dunfermline, January 27th/28th.

Alan rolled a 745 series [259-268-218] and his partner Mark McQueen rolled a 709 series [269-214-226] for a 1454 to top the Doubles Section A,

Newbury YBC entered the 3rd South of England Youth Open 2018, Go Bowling, Dunstable, on the 20th,21st,27th, and 28th, January.

Newbury had these top placings.



Joshua Streak

Senior Boys




Olivia Streak

Junior Girls





Olivia Streak

James Smith

Junior Boys



All Events


Chris Pearcey

Senior Boys



The Tenpin Tour 1 was held at Starlanes, Acocks Green, on Sunday 21st January.

Jacqui Cooper qualified in first place in Round One rolling a six game scratch score 950 and with bonus made a total of 1388, in the Final Jacqui bowled a four game score of 569 and with her bonus made a grand total of 2249 and finished in second place.

For the Men Gerry Olver bowled a six game 1275 with bonus 1413 for sixth place, Alan Keddie rolled a six game series of 1268 with no bonus again, Brian Page finshed with total of 1356 and qualfied in eighteenth place, in the Final Gerry bowled a 734 plus bonus made a grand total of 2239 for twelfth spot, Brian bowled a 756 and with his bonus finshed with a 2324 and moved up to eighth place.